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About Us

Driving Concepts: High Quality and Strong Credibility

        Shanghai Siyite Translation Co., Ltd., was founded by overseas returned personnel and university foreign language instructors. We are a professional translation service provider registered with the Shanghai Municipal Industry and Commerce Administration Bureau. Guided by the principles of  “credibility, accuracy, professionalism and punctuality” we aim to provide professional, efficient and high-quality translation service for individuals as well as for companies and organizations of all kinds. Our main specialties are in Chinese-English and Chinese-Japanese translation; however, we are also able to provide translation service from Chinese to German, French as well as other languages. Our translators excel at interpretation and translation in diverse fields such as mechanics, engineering, electronics, computers, business, trade, and law. The company tests and selects translators carefully. As a result, we abound with capable and hardworking translators and proofreaders, who are learned and experienced. Moreover, we spare no effort in the pursuit of perfection and client satisfaction. We are convinced that our business model, which establishes quality at the foundation and credibility at the core, will deliver the results that are crucial for the success of our business and yours.

 Mission: Higher Efficiency and Better Value

        We perpetually strive to enhance our  management structure and to complete all translation work with the proper and adept utilization of intelligent language translation software. In this way, we aim to improve the quality and efficiency of our service and reduce the overall cost. This will in turn increase the value to our clients by saving them both time and money. We maintain the quality of the translations by standardizing staff management procedures and adopting strict quality control mechanisms for the management of our service. Our clients can also rest assured that all documents and information provided to us are treated with care in order to maintain confidentiality. As globalization takes further hold, language plays an ever more significant role in linking the economies, technologies and cultures found at home and abroad. We are ready to help bridge any language barriers and to connect you with advanced technologies and concepts of the modern world. Let Siyite Translation smooth your road to success!

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