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Service Procedure


                                  椭圆: ①quoting and negotiating



文本框: We will sign a contract with our clients after negotiating fully on price, deadline and other terms of the contract. 
文本框: The proofreading team ensures accuracy and idiomaticity of grammar and wording in the Translated documents. 
文本框: Documents that have been typeset will be faxed or emailed to our clients on time.
椭圆: ②signing contracts
1.       signing contract 
椭圆: ③translating
1.       translation
1.       translation
1.       translation
1.       translation
1.       translation
1.       translation
1.       translation
椭圆: ④proofreading
椭圆: ⑤delivering of services





 1.Our clients can fax or email us the documents to be translated, or our staff can fetch the documents. Quotes are made based on degrees of difficulty and service requirements of the document translation; quotes for interpretation services are negotiated with our clients.

2.We don’t accept hand-written, unrecognizable or obscure documents, nor do we recognize proofreading and editing by other companies.

3.As for technical documents, please help provide background information and glossary so that we can establish database for the specific areas.

4.Escort interpretation and business interpretation should be scheduled three days in advance; consecutive interpretation and simultaneous interpretation should be scheduled a week in advance.



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